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About the Capital Improvements Unit

The Capital Improvements Unit of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department is part of the Construction Division led by Major Sharon Laningham. The Capital Improvement Unit consists of four police officers.

The Capital Improvements Unit is involved in every stage of any project that involves the construction or remodeling of buildings occupied or used by the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. It is the unit’s role to assess and monitor the condition of the buildings used by the police department, and prioritize the need to renew, remodel, or replace those buildings over time.

The unit is involved in site selection, land acquisition, architect selection, programming, charrette/design process, the construction bid process, MBE/WBE goals, Section 3 goals (when they apply), and the construction project itself.

Each project is assigned a specific project officer, who represents the interests of the Police Department and the City throughout the entire process. The unit also attempts to follow the IACP Police Facility Planning Guidelines.

The Capital Improvements Unit work closely with the Building Operations Unit to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the Facilities Management and Construction Division.

The unit also works closely with the City Manager’s Office, the Mayor’s Office, City Council Members, and the City Architecture Division to ensure that the Police Department’s building needs are coordinated with the greater needs of the City it serves.

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