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Completed Capital Projects

Thanks to the Public Safety Sales Tax passed in 2002 and the Public Safety Sales Tax Renewal in 2010, the following projects were completed under the guidance of the Kansas City Police Department’s Capital Improvements Unit.

South Campus

KCPD South Patrol and Traffic Division_All Rights Reserved by Eric BowersSouth Patrol Division Station and Special Operations Division

The construction of a Police Campus to the south of Bannister Road on Marion Park Drive, between I-435 and 71 Highway is complete, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on Nov. 7, 2012.  The main building of the campus houses the KCPD’s Special Operations Division and South Patrol Division. There is also a multipurpose building, a motorcycle garage, dog kennels, and training area for KCPD’s canine officers, as well as two vehicle storage buildings at the campus.

The location of the South Campus provides quick and convenient access to Bannister Road, I-435, and 71 Highway.  The multipurpose building building features a workout facility for department employees, a Credit Union branch, a gymnasium, and offices for both the police retirement system and the Bomb & Arson Unit. It was also designed to function as an emergency shelter and supply distribution point in the event of a critical incident. The two vehicle storage buildings were included to provide shelter and protection for police department specialty vehicles.

South Campus Photographs

Regional Police Academy

Regional Police AcademyThe first-ever constructed specific training academy for the Kansas City Missouri Police Department broke ground on July 12, 2005 in the Northland at 6885 N.E. Pleasant Valley Road. This state-of-the-art 123,000 square-foot facility provides increased training opportunities with a 500 seat auditorium, six classrooms, physical training facilities, a 30-lane indoor pistol range, a driving track, and situational building.

With additional amenities such as an outdoor rifle range along with an indoor and outdoor running track, this campus atmosphere facility is premier in meeting the demands of today’s police officer basic and continuing educational training. With the opening of the facility in July 2007, many of the departments training facilities were incorporated into an atmosphere where law enforcement officers and agencies from throughout the region can obtain the highest-quality training experience.

Regional Police Academy Information

Regional Police Academy Photographs

Shoal Creek Patrol Division Station

Shoal Creek Patrol Division StationThe new Shoal Creek Patrol Division Station broke ground on May 10, 2005 near the intersection of Shoal Creek Road and Pleasant Valley Road. This state-of-the-art 23,000 square-foot facility was designed to provide a second Patrol Division Station in the City’s Northland. With the addition of Shoal Creek Patrol, the Kansas City Missouri Police Department has six Patrol Division stations.  This new Patrol Division is located in a campus setting with the KCPD Regional Police Academy.

The front desk area and detention are arranged to give the Desk Sergeant greater oversight and control over the employees working under his/her supervision. The personnel assigned to Shoal Creek Patrol are provided with the privacy and space they need to properly perform their jobs.

Shoal Creek Patrol Division Photographs

Metro Patrol Division Station

Metro Patrol Division StationThe new Metro Patrol Division broke ground in June of 2007 near the intersection of 75th and Prospect. This state-of-the-art 28,000 square foot facility was designed to fit the needs of a modern patrol division. The Desk Sergeant’s area, the front desk, and detention areas were designed to allow the Desk Sergeant better oversight and control of the employees working under his/her supervision. The personnel assigned to Metro Patrol are provided with the privacy and space they need to properly perform their jobs.

In addition, there is a fuel building with two pumps and two 8,000 square foot specialty vehicle storage buildings, allowing the police department to centralize the storage of all of its specialized vehicles (i.e. Command Post Bus, Mass Arrest Bus, armored vehicles, etc.). One of the vehicle storage buildings features a large-vehicle washing bay.

The new Metro Patrol Division was designed to serve the needs of KCPD personnel now and into the future.

Metro Patrol Division Information

Metro Patrol Division Photographs

Vehicle Processing Facility

Vehicle Processing FacilityThe Vehicle Processing Facility (VPF) is located on the campus of the City’s new Vehicle Impound Facility. The VPF provides a secure place for crime lab personnel to process vehicles for fingerprints, DNA and trace evidence like fibers and hairs. One bay in the VPF is completely enclosed and dark so lab personnel can use Luminol to spot apparent blood stains. A scaled-down version of a crime lab is attached to the vehicle bays so investigators can use advanced finger-printing techniques and other chemical processes on site.

Access to the Vehicle Processing Facility and its adjoining lot is largely restricted to Crime Lab personnel. The building is 5,000 square feet and was designed to fit a semi truck and trailer inside. It features vehicle bays and lifts, a collapsible classroom, a small crime lab, offices and an adjoining lot to store evidence vehicles. The City of Kansas City paid to construct the building as part of its new Vehicle Impound Facility.

KCPD Informant Article

Evidence Technology Magazine Article

Vehicle Processing Facility Photographs

Police Headquarters Annex

Police Headquarters AnnexThe new Police Headquarters Annex is located at 901 Charlotte within walking distance of the Kansas City Police Headquarters Building at 1125 Locust. This facility was originally the headquarters building for the construction company, JE Dunn. In order to prepare for use by the Police Department the Capital Improvements Unit oversaw a renovation of the building, including a new roof, painting, new carpet, the removal and addition of walls in certain places, and new furniture. This new facility relieved the long-standing over-crowding at Police Headquarters, and was done in conjunction with the renovation of that building.

Administrative staff and those units of the Police Department that deal often with the public were moved to this new Police Headquarters Annex to make it easier for the public to do business with them. The Employment Unit, Personnel Records, Benefits, the Off-Duty Coordinator, Human Resources, Fraud and Forgery, Polygraph, and the Internal Audit Unit were all moved to the Headquarters Annex in March of 2012.

Headquarters Annex Photographs

More to Come …

Keep checking back as more information will be posted about these completed projects and photo albums to show the projects under construction and as they are completed. There are also several smaller completed projects that will be included on this page in the future as they develop.