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Leon Mercer Jordan Campus Affected Residents Page

The City of Kansas City, Missouri and the Kansas City Missouri Police Department maintained constant communication with the residents of the affected 4-block area (26th and 27th Streets and Brooklyn to Prospect Avenues) after the completion of the site selection process. Three public meetings were held with affected residents prior to the public announcement of the site selection. Through mid-2012, weekly Thursday meetings were held at 2601 Brooklyn at 5:30 PM.  Those weekly meetings were open to the public and attended by representatives of the Police Department’s Capital Improvement’s Unit and the City’s Right of Way and Relocation Services Division. The goal of the meetings was to provide a weekly opportunity for face-to-face communication between the City and the affected residents.


In mid-2012, these weekly meetings changed to biweekly and, eventually, adjusted to correspond to already-scheduled neighborhood association meetings. This allowed the project team to be more efficient with the meetings and reach a larger audience. The project team continues to meet with the affected neighborhood associations as well as key organizational groups. These community meetings are ongoing, and affected residents and the public are always welcome to attend.

Materials shared with affected residents throughout this process have included:

  1. Full Resident Packet – This one PDF includes all of the documents listed individually below and is likely the best choice to see an overview of the informational handouts that have been distributed to residents of the affected 4-block area at previous public meetings.
  2. Project Contacts Sheet This document included the contact information for nearly everyone directly involved in this land acquisition process. During the acquisition and relocation process, affected residents or members of the public with questions or concerns were encouraged to contact those individuals listed on this Contacts Sheet.
  3. Project Press Release (Oct. 10, 2011) – This press release was issued when the Leon Mercer Jordan Campus Project was designated as a Federal HUD project.  This federal project designation brought new benefits and guidelines into place for the land acquisition process. It also made the project subject to Section 3 guidelines, helping ensure that low-income residents and businesses in the City of Kansas City will benefit.
  4. Acquisition/Relocation ProcessThis document was created to give an overview of the land acquisition and relocation process, including the federal benefits and guidelines that govern the project. While the document provides an overview, every affected home and land owner worked directly with an Acquisitions Specialist regarding the purchase of their home. And every affected resident, whether a home owner or a renter, worked directly with a Relocation Specialist regarding their relocation benefits under the project.
  5. Basic Appraisal Information – Affected home and land owners received copies of three appraisals done on their home or property. This document was created to give some very basic information regarding home and property appraisals.
  6. NSP Home InformationThe Neighborhood Stabilization Program is an excellent way for affected residents to have acquired a newly remodeled home as a reduced cost to themselves. The details for this program including qualifications, requirements, and contact information are included in this document.
  7. Dream Home Program Information – The Dream Home Program is another way for affected residents to have acquired a home for a reduced cost. It is available only to “first time home buyers.” This information was included for those renters in the affected area that may have wanted to buy a home.


The Leon Mercer Jordan Campus has been designated a federal HUD project. As part of the City’s compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended (Section 106), Rosin Preservation, LLC was contracted to conduct a survey to identify historic resources that may be directly or indirectly affected by the new construction. More information about the historic resources in the area can be found below:

If you have any questions or concerns, please access the Project Contacts Sheet above and contact the appropriate staff member. While documents and information on a website can be useful, direct contact and communication are welcome and encouraged.