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One Percent for Art “Throw Mud” Event

One Percent for Art “Throw Mud” Event

One Percent for Art rendering_APR2015

Local youths and neighbors of the Leon Mercer Jordan East Patrol Division Station and Crime Lab Campus were invited to join a “Throw Mud” event at several sessions April 15-18, 2015 at Kansas City’s Arts Tech, 1522 Holmes St.

Volunteers from the Kansas City Art Institute, the KC Clay Guild and other arts groups helped those who participated in the Throw Mud event sessions.

David Dahlquist, a Des Moines, Iowa, artist commissioned to design the One Percent for Art public art for the Campus worked with his associates from RDG Dahlquist Art Studio to create ceramic art that will adorn the entryway to the East Patrol Division Station facility. Dahlquist leads the RDG Dahlquist Art Studio and is a seasoned veteran whose firm was chosen in a competitive national search for the $425,000 One Percent for Art contract for the Campus.

Dahlquist has an extensive public art background and his practice to use a public-engagement process matched up well with the Project Team’s interest in reaching out to build relationships with the community. In addition to ceramics and other materials, the One Percent for Art project on the Campus will feature an installation with poetry from Kansas City poet and author Glenn North.

IN THE NEWS: The Kansas City Star reported on the story, “Priscilla Gross, who lives not far from the construction site and also attends Morning Star, brought her two grandchildren to the pottery event. ‘I think this is phenomenal,’ Gross said of the community’s involvement in the art work for the campus. Read more here.

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