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“Quilts” on the Two Buildings’ Front Porches

Sonie Joi Ruffin_photoSonié Joi Thompson-Ruffin is an Art Omi Fellow, a 2010 Charlotte Street Foundation Award Winner, visiting curator of the American Jazz Museum, and a Community Curator at the Kansas City Museum.

She has a unique perspective on creative expression. She designs from the heart, whether she is painting with fabric or designing glazed-brick walls; her art reveals universal truths. In her work, she is a master at incorporating the boldness and likeness of African fabrics such as kente cloth, mud cloth, and korhogo cloth with American print fabrics to create striking designs with an engagement of color dialogue.

Sonié has conducted lectures and workshops on quilting at the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Renwick Gallery and has been invited to exhibit her artwork in museums and galleries across the U.S.

Helix Architecture + Design created a great write-up about the collaboration here, and the project Communications Team captured the work via KCMO’s Ch. 2 with video here (the relevant piece begins at the 9:14 mark).

"Quilts" on the Two Buildings' Front Porches

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