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Leon Mercer Jordan Campus Workforce and Section 3 Information Page

The centralized location of the Leon Mercer Jordan Campus serves as a redevelopment anchor and stabilizing influence for Prospect Avenue. There were construction workers in the area for two years during the time the construction phase of the  project was underway, and the City of Kansas City, Missouri worked with HUD to ensure low-income residents and businesses benefited. The project was leveraged to spark training and employment opportunities for low-income workers, and the project was governed by HUD Section 3 guidelines.

See a list of Construction Scopes of Work here.

See the Score Card on Workforce here.


Section 3 Information and Workforce Packet – This PDF assisted those who were seeking an overview of the informational handouts that were distributed to individual workers and businesses that were interested in working on the Leon Mercer Jordan East Patrol Campus Project. The packet includes:

  1. Section 3 Information – This project received a Federal HUD designation as a Section 3 project, which means this project was, to the greatest extent possible, providing job and contract opportunities for low- or very-low income residents and businesses.
  2. Map of the Category 1 Area – The Section 3 program attempts to focus economic opportunities in the Category 1 area shown on the map in the packet.  The next level of priority is the Category 2 area representing the city limits of Kansas City, Missouri. The next level of priority is given to Category 3 representing the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

When the Leon Mercer Jordan Campus Project was designated as a Federal HUD project, this federal project designation brought new benefits and guidelines into place for the land acquisition process. It also made the project subject to Section 3 guidelines, helping ensure that low-income residents and businesses in the City of Kansas City would benefit.

To take advantage of potential Section 3 opportunities:

  1. Call the City’s Section 3 office for more information at (816) 513-6817.
  2. Visit the City’s Section 3 office at their new location at the Robert J. Mohart Multi-Purpose Center, 3200 Wayne Ave, Suite 108, Kansas City, MO 64109.
  3. Pick up and fill out the Section 3 Resident or Business application completely and return it, along with the other documents requested, as soon as possible.

The Section 3 certification process took some time from the time of submitting documents. While a job or contract was not guaranteed, this project was one of the largest City design and construction projects to get underway.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Section 3 Office.  While documents and information on a website can be useful, direct contact and communication are welcome and encouraged.