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Public Safety Sales Tax

Prior to the Public Safety Sales Tax that was approved by voters in 2002, the Kansas City Police Department was forced by budget constraints to make minimal investments in capital and infrastructure. Deferred maintenance was commonplace.

With the passage of the Public Safety Sales Tax in 2002, the Kansas City Police Department committed itself to a mission of investing in capital projects that would directly affect its officers and the community. A new Police Academy, Shoal Creek Patrol Division, and Metro Patrol Division facilities were planned and constructed. A new Special Operations Division/South Patrol Division campus now is complete, and renovations to Police Headquarters are currently underway.

Public Safety Sales Tax

As the first Public Safety Sales Tax was expiring, it was clear that the mission was not complete. The KCPD East Patrol Division, Crime Lab, and North Patrol Division facilities were all in aging buildings that were inadequate for KCPD needs. It was important that the department continue to invest in the advancement of technology in order to increase its efficiency and effectiveness in serving and protecting the community. The KCPD helicopter fleet was in need of replacement, and the department needed to provide its officers with safe and reliable patrol vehicles.

In November of 2010 the renewal of the Public Safety Sales Tax was on the ballot. The citizens of Kansas City approved a 15-year Public Safety Sales Tax renewal with more than 70 percent of the vote. Thanks to this approval, the KCMO Police Department’s Capital Improvements Unit has completed the remodeling of Police Headquarters, is nearly complete with replacing East Patrol Division the Crime Lab, and is moving forward on North Patrol Division.